Contest Giveaway!

CASH BUYERS CONTEST! Interested in winning a BRAND NEW TV?! How to win? Simple. Bring us a DEAL! We are looking for properties that need some love. Do you know someone who wants to sell there house, have you consider selling your rental property? We want to buy it for CASH! Have you seen a … Continued

5 Things You Need To Know Before Applying For A Mortgage

The time has come, you are tired of renting from landlords, your family is growing and you are ready to starting building a home for yourself. Buying a house for the first time can be very exciting and it can also be challenging if you are not sure what to expect from the process. Here … Continued

5 Trends To Expect in 2019

  Here is a look at what trends are going to come out of the real estate market in 2019. A rise in competition could mean less bids on your homes this year. First time buyers are up starting to make up a large part of the market. They are taking a lot longer to … Continued

The Reason Why You Should Sell With Us This Holiday Season

  The amount of people buying and selling their home during the holidays is much lower than anytime of the year. People are traveling, decorating from Christmas, they don’t have time to stage open houses and put their property on the market. The truth is, although we may not want to inconvenience our holiday by … Continued